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Philippe Blatter's Influence on Infront Sports & Media

With a renewal rate of over 90%, the majority of the firm's 170 collaborations with rights holders have been remarkably successful. Now one among the more highly acknowledged sports marketing firms, Infront Sports & Media made a good choice in bringing philippe blatter (philippe blatter - on board. He has efficiently aided in the enhancement of an international corporation with more than 900 workers. Philippe Blatter’s significant insights into the demands of the sports arena facilitate the business to integrate the most current technologies and deliver over 4,100 event days for major sports around the globe.

Philippe Blatter's Past

Previous to getting into business, Philippe Blatter experienced a rewarding scholastic career. His initiatives have resulted in outstanding success in all the things he has pursued. Following his learning, Philippe Blatter joined up with McKinsey & Company, a major international management consulting business, where he worked for about 10 years. He first came on board as a Partner, subsequently growing into the position of Principal.

Philippe Blatter’s Achievements

Even after already having completed a huge amount, Philippe Blatter goes on to make serious advances in his current position at Wanda Sports Holding. He is a revered long-distance runner and is celebrated for his feats in the field. He has got Master's degrees in both Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration. The Infront Group has been evolved into a high-ranking sports marketing firm by Philippe Blatter.

Infront Sports & Media - The Facts

Infront Sports & Media allows Philippe Blatter the perfect chance to integrate his love for sport and his business knowledge. The corporation has a base in a variety of other places around the world, alongside being headquartered in the businessman's country of origin, Switzerland. The corporation made a decision to choose Philippe Blatter as President & CEO back in 2005. Officially established in 2003, Infront Sports & Media is a marketing group based in Zug, Switzerland.