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Presently, he's a proud and loving dad to three girls and has lots of grandchildren. He aged as the first son and dwelt at home with his mother, father and his two brothers and two sisters. Marc Ooms (ce site) 's dad owned and ran an organisation which was involved in the import of vegetables and fruit. Some of Marc Ooms's youth was spent alongside his family in Ganshoren.

The Future of The Fruit Farm Group

Like many profitable companies, The Fruit Farm Group has many big, bold and exciting ideas for the future. It would seem that Marc Ooms will experience a rather vibrant, involved and rewarding tomorrow with The Fruit Farm Group. By interacting meticulously with local cultivators, The Fruit Farm Group and Marc Ooms desire to improve neighbourhoods. Long-term sustainability and social commitment are extremely essential to the corporation's strategies.

Marc Ooms and the Arts

He has a passion for both the visual and the performing arts. He donned the title of the board of directors Chairman for the Kaaitheater arts center between the years 2003 and 2011. Marc Ooms closely observes the current art trade to remain informed about the latest art. Marc Ooms observes, loves and appreciates countless different kinds of art for a pastime.

Marc Ooms spent his youth around the fruit and vegetable company which was run by his father. A while ago, he was one of the first to be engaged with research into the performance of the stock trade in Brussels. Eventually, he developed into the role of General Partner at what was amongst the prominent independent brokers in the country of Belgium at that point in time. Watching an establishment in full operation from a fairly young age may have impacted Marc Ooms's outlook.

Marc Ooms, amongst others, originally created the Fruit Farm Group in 2014. They have around 5,700 hectares of land, 3,900 of which are used for the cultivating of fruit. It is certain that Marc Ooms has had an astonishingly beneficial influence on The Fruit Farm Group during the course of his time with the establishment.

Marc Ooms's Education

As an early push into the area of higher education, Marc Ooms attended Heilig-Hartcollege in Ganshoren. Between 1970 and 1974, he studied towards his degree with the VLEKHO Business School in Brussels. Above his official learning, Marc Ooms has found out an awful lot from practical, real-life experience.